For years, I was unfulfilled in my career and with two young children, going back to university or college to retrain wasn’t an option. With the expense and time it would take, it was always put aside.

So I was kind of just floating through life, with no real plan or hope of changing it, which i so desperately needed! Although, i didn’t know as much at the time.

Maybe you feel the same in your career or life. That everything seems to be fine…… you have a home, job, loving family and food in the cupboards but something is missing. A longing for something more. 

I’m so excited to write this article because there is a wealth of knowledge, that for the right mums reading this, will be the catalyst and information that will spark something inside of you.





I strongly believe that we were all born with a purpose or gift that is uniquely ours. I also believe that if we do not live in alignment with this gift and share it with the world, then the universe will start knocking at our door.

This knocking maybe subtle at first, maybe we experience feelings of stress, unhappiness and restlessness that is handled by ignoring or escaping.

For myself, i was an escape artist, for sure. Id felt all of the above in my life but instead of stopping and looking at my feelings, I escaped in to several unhelpful behaviours. 

So often, we feel that something is wrong with us…. how can we possibly feel unfulfilled when we appear to have a great deal more than some. 

Becoming aware, that our soul is craving us to live our purpose, is the first place we should be looking. Looking outside to feel better, only takes us further away from ourselves.




Discovering the online world, was literally like an epiphany for my awakening. It became extremely clear that all i was looking for was more flexibility and creativity in my life. 

I truly disliked the restraints of the corporate world, so much so that i started working for a cleaning agency, just so i was out of that office environment. The joy of travelling from property to property, often in the countryside, was exhilarating  for me. There were little restraints and I had the luxury of selecting my clients and work schedule. The only issue was, the job was less that sufficiently paid and it was not my purpose in life!



Online business became crystal clear to me but for reasons that have nothing to do with, just the money! During covid, this became even more clear because so many businesses were going bust, people were becoming unemployed and the world as we knew it was becoming extinct. The one thing that enabled some businesses to carry on was the internet!

Let’s be honest, if we think of online business, or working from home, it screams scam or stuffing envelopes. I’m with you, I felt exactly the same. It was only a few years prior, that I had been desperately searching the net for viable options to escape the daily grind . Not only was I perplexed but utterly disappointed . I mean, the promises of earning thousands in minutes was, for a minute or two ( I knew it was too good to be true) the secret key i’d been searching for. 

You get my point…… it’s that longing and searching that is the true issue here. The only work required by us to find that, is by seeking out the valuable and  genuine opportunities.

HOW YOU FIND THE VIABLE AND GENUINE OPPORTUNITIES is by seeking education, not the get rich quick, follow this one hour blueprint and all your dreams will come true! 





I am so proud of myself, this past year and for many different reasons. Firstly, I BUILT MY VERY OWN WEBSITE….. When I began learning digital skills, i was really anxious because,

i am no techy. Computers always seemed to go wrong, with even a glance in their direction. I’ve also been tempted to hurl a few of the pc’s out of the window on many occasion, so this is a big deal for me.

There are so many other barriers that have fallen, since learning about the online world and the skills involved in building an online business. There are terms such as social media presence , seo, paid advertising, avatar, analytics, key words and so many more. 

I was so intimidated by the business world and technology…….. but its all, just about mindset! Once I started to learn these skills, it became so apparent that all i was lacking in, was confidence. I can click a mouse , turn on a computer and hit the keys…. that is all i needed!




After many years of feeling unfulfilled, im now, well on my way to success. Not just success within starting an online business but success within how i feel about myself inside. 

Becoming apart of a community of like minded people, has really empowered me to go after the joy of life. I have a choice to either stay stuck and miserable in that cleaning job…… because i was afraid of what my husband would think or my family. Afraid that i wasn’t clever enough to learn the tech or business skills…… 

IT REALLY CAME DOWN TO ONE QUESTION…. IF I CONTINUE TO LIVE THE LIFE I HAVE NOW, IN TEN YEARS TIME…. WHAT WILL BE THE CONSEQUENCE FOR MYSELF AND THOSE AROUND ME. In other words…. if i keep playing it safe, keep ignoring the voice inside that is looking for more…. then all i can expect, is more of the unhappiness that will then affect my health, mindset and relationships.




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