Hi, I’m Natalie,

Mindset work, reading lots of self help books and watching endless you-tube videos will only get you so far.

The knowing WHY, we are procrastinating, depressed, anxious or just generally fed up, will only serve as knowledge. Yes it is interesting to know the reasons behind our undoing but it will not heal. 

True healing begins by clearing blocked energy that is stuck in the body. Whenever we experience a stress or trauma, our body has a physical reaction and it is usually the fight or flight response. Running away from or fighting this emotion, means that it is not dealt with or processed, so it stays within the body.

After a battle with anorexia, body dysmorphia and social anxiety for more than twenty years, I learnt all about why these issues had plagued my life for so long but knowing did not change the behaviour or emotion behind it. So, my life stayed stuck on the hamster wheel of behaviour that did not serve me well.

Discovering body energetic’s and several eastern practices has completely changed the way i now function in my life. Being free from negative and harmful behaviour’s means that i can now, life the life i’d only ever wished for.

After so many years, i have learnt a great deal about emotional pain and how so many in society are struggling in their lives. As a coach and mentor, i am dedicated to help you to live without pain and live the life that you deserve. 

Healing is not in a book or a pill, it is inside of you. You just need to know how to heal properly, once and for all!

my website https//:tourmalineblck.com is a website designed to offer support and a better understanding of how we can heal from inner pain. I look forward to seeing you there.


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