Why mindset will not heal mental health


What if i told you that all of the self development books and video’s you have been watching to gain inner peace, is a complete waste of your time and money!


First, ask yourself, has it completely healed my inner pain, addictions, relationships, career or health woes.
Or do you keep buying book after book, hoping that that next one will have all of the answers and will provide that fix you have been searching for!


I’m not bashing on mindset work, it most definitely has its place and you can learn a great deal. The issue with mindset work alone, is that it does have its limits.


We may feel better for a short time but sooner or later, when a situation or person triggers our inner pain, we will find ourselves at square one..


..going back to old habits or behaviors to manage that inner world. Maybe its alcohol, food, drugs or exercise that helps you to stop feeling that uncomfortable sensation in the body.


What if there was another way, one that does not require tons of things to do, write, learn or cram in to your day. What if all you needed to do, was just be!!




There are many practices that are used in mindset work. All the top gurus in this field, such as Tony Robbins and Les Brown, all preach about taking action.
There are seminars, books and even live events that are teaching people to heal their inner pain by training the mind!


That’s like going to the hair dresser when you have a tooth ache, it just doesn’t work.. why?.. because, the mind has been conditioned by past experiences and works as a protector for the body, not the healer.


We always feel things in the body first, then the mind chimes in and has a reaction, such as the fight or flight response.
So we experience a sensation, such as anxiety in the body, the mind recognizes that feeling, so gets to work to protect us from a potential threat.
Adrenaline is releases in to the body, excessive thoughts take over and the action is to react by trying to avoid the uncomfortable feeling or fight it with the mind or body by taking negative action.




The mind is a great tool for taking in information and there are some very effective tools for helping the thought process.
If negative thinking is the main source of thought, then there are ways to overcome that. 


I myself have battled a negative thought process and the only tool that enabled change, was the book by Michael Singer, the untethered soul.
I have read quite a few books and whilst the information was very interesting, they did not have a lasting impact on my behavior, emotional state or thought process.
This book, after reading it only once, made that shift for me.


The fight or flight response to an emotional sensation, such as fear or stress, does not deal with the emotion but instead just tries to get rid of it somehow. So the feeling is likely to return, again and again. 



Have you experienced that sensation were something inside, just doesn’t feel right?
Maybe its butterflies in the stomach, aches and pains or an emotion, such as unease, anxiety or tension.


Maybe, in your day to day living, you get triggered by certain situations and that sets off your anger, sadness or frustration. It maybe your boss at work or a partner who says something to you and you react, often without knowing why.


It is so easy to blame that other person for doing or saying the wrong thing but what if your reaction has absolutely nothing at all to do with them.
What if, there is something inside, that was hurt and is vulnerable to certain situations that evoke a reaction .



We all have an inner child that has received rejection, neglect, hurt or some other baggage from the past.
As we become adults, we forget that we are still carrying around that small child within us. So what we experienced from our parents, friends, teachers, media, is still sitting within the body.


So, if as a child you were bullied or called hurtful names, as an adult, any association that feels similar to that of being bullied, the system react by feeling anger, hurt or sadness.


What usually happens next, is that we look externally for things to fix this uncomfortable feeling, such as alcohol, food, and so on.


In order to heal that inner child, we need to go directly to the source of that pain , which is actually, old energy and release it.
This can be done very simple tools, that once this energy is released, it is released for good.



EVERYTHING IS MADE UP OF ENERGY, you, me, the universe, gravity…….! 


Think of a situation were you walked in to a room of people and the atmosphere felt off or it felt really joyful and happy.


That is the energy that you are picking up from the room and the people in it. 

The same can be said for music. Play a heavy rock tune and our mood can turn angry or an upbeat pop song can suddenly lift you from feeling low and tired to happy and alert.
All of this, is energy that we are connecting to and with.




Looking for external resources to make us feel better, will never heal that part inside that does not feel safe.
Until that part is healed, there will be those triggers in life that will keep coming up, that will impact your life.


To find true healing involves looking inside and listening to our inner child and feeling the sensations and emotions within the body.
This can be done with body awareness tools that will release that energy through the body.


I am an inner child and energy healing practitioner and I look forward to hearing about your own journey with any self sabotaging behaviors, emotional distress or any other emotional issues. my face book link and website are below.





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