why mindset does not heal emotional pain


Mindset techniques have been around for many decades and has always been the method that people use for their personal development.

BUT.. does it actually work! Literally trillions is spent every year on personal development books, courses, seminars and live retreat style events. 

If mindset does work, then why are so many people, doing the work but still finding themselves experiencing inner pain, relationship, career or health issues!

energy work is completely different from mindset and takes less time and techniques to heal. There are no daily affirmations, breathing exercises, books to read . There is actually very little “doing” at all.

Knowledge has its place but only benefits the mind. But what if you have past trauma and pain within that won’t seem to go away, no matter how many books you read… that’s what we are going to explore and you will leave with a whole new perspective!



These teachings go back to the 60’s and 70’s and there have been some exceptional teachings in the way the mind works. This is due to the studies and research in to the psychology of human beings and what makes us tick.

For many years we have been relying on these teachings and practices to heal the human sufferings of the mind. This is great for understanding why we feel the way we do and to locate what, from the past, is causing problems but how does knowing that you had a trauma when you were six years old, help you heal from that?

Talking therapy is a perfect example because it allows you to gain insight and understand why we may be acting in certain ways but what will that knowledge do for the emotional trauma that is still present within the body.

As a species, we have been conditioned to always come from the head space. So, whatever story we are telling ourselves on a daily basis, is how we will be reacting to life.

The mind likes to chatter constantly and if that chatter is negative in origin, then our world maybe very small and caked in fear. With fear, we are not feeling happy and we are most definitely are not having a pleasant experience or taking risks. 

Yes, you can try to alter or control those thought patterns but that is a great deal of work and you will never completely silence the mind. Trying to even do that, is a complete waste of your time and energy. Recognise when these negative thoughts come but all is required is to simply allow them to pass through, without becoming emotionally attached .

So if mindset will not heal our innermost wounds or traumas, what will…





How did i discover energetics or energy healing, well, satori prime and mindvalley are two communities that i came across whilst studying digital marketing. With any entrepreneurial journey, there will always be a certain focus on personal development because, this work takes a great deal of inner strength to succeed .

If you want to have all of your issues amplified then go and start your own business! Self doubt, procrastination, self sabotage are but a few that plague the minds of entrepreneurs. I was no exception and experienced all of the above.

When seeking out support for myself i came across the books and videos on mindset but they did not even touch the inner issues that had been holding me back in my business.

ENERGY is what makes up everything in life. The entire planet, universe, you and me are all energy. So if you go in to that business or relationship or health regime, it is so detrimental for success to go at it with the right energy.

Go in to a new relationship, thinking that it will fail, with a load of inner baggage,will inevitably end or be less than what you were desiring. This is not down to persistence or longing, it is because the energy that was brought along has driven that relationship in to exactly that energetic space of fear….. nothing can thrive in the space of fear.


If you are carrying around a bag full of past crap and have not begun the process of releasing that, then every aspect of your life will be affected.

With fear comes many self protection techniques, whether we are aware of them or not. If there are feelings of fear, inadequacy, longing, hurt, jealousy …… and so on, nothing long lasting will come from that space.

To be fulfilled in any area of life, there needs to be the process of inner healing and that is the healing in the body, not just ramming more information in to the mind.



I think most of us have carried along things from our childhood that still affects our adult, even decades later. Maybe we felt unheard by mum or dad and that shows itself in friendships and partnerships. It may leave us feeling needy and insecure or eager to please because that need was never met as a child.

We each have a small boy or girl inside, that needs our attention, for whatever reason. So reading how to overcome trauma, whilst is useful and interesting to know, doesn’t directly heal that inner child part of us.

Issues such as panic attacks and  post traumatic stress disorder are perfect examples of how trauma has been trapped in the body. It is this trauma that is showing itself with body sensations, like shortness of breath , sweating or problematic sleep. It is the body that is holding on to all of these stressors, so it makes sense to look at the body to heal.

The mind is too unreliable to be the best source for healing. With all the inner chatter and irrational thoughts and fears. What the mind is good at is managing a trauma or stress but before long, the undesirable feelings and behaviours keep returning.

This is why people are continuously on the hamster wheel of alcohol addiction, drugs or compulsive shopping. We have been looking for outside sources to fix the inside. Looking for outside people or things to fix the issue will only ever be a short term fix.

When a child experiences a trauma, it is remembered in the body. In adulthood there will be certain events that will trigger this trauma and there will be a physical reaction.. anger, jealousy, rage and so on. It can be extremely unsettling to experience these emotions as many will not relate the past as being the issue.




Getting in touch with our inner world will provide the true healing from inner pain. There is then no need to have a technique or practices for each area you are struggling with but is a healer that impacts relationships, health, self love and careers.

Once you start to get in touch with the sensations in the body and your inner child then the healing will be long lasting and life altering. Many people who have experienced energy work say that there relationships were greatly improved, without so much as a conversation.

For myself, i had a great deal of childhood trauma that was triggered by many things. After doing this work, that strong emotional pain has decreased in its power and i am not triggered as quickly or strongly as i once was. I am at the beginning of my journey but am already excited by the positive changes already.


The body scan meditation is a great way of locating body sensations within the heart, stomach , head etc. Once you feel a sensation within the body, all that is required is to keep your awareness on that sensation.. THAT’S IT!

By sitting with the feeling or sensation you may experience thoughts, this is absolutely fine and needs to be invited in to the experience. Effort on trying to be aware or fighting off thoughts are not necessary at all. 

All that is needed is to sit in the awareness of the sensation you feel within the body and just observe it. Many people experience a moving of the sensation, tingling or heat changes. Once the feeling begins to move downwards towards the feet, this means that the energy is moving its way out of the body down the feet.

It is important to be consistent and practice the meditation on a daily basis. Change may not be straight away but after a week or so, you may begin to experience a well-being feeling within. This energy that has been released can then make room for our true selves to fully emerge. 

Nothing in us was broken and we are all still whole inside but sometimes, negative energy can be blocking the true light of who we really are!


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