the consequences of playing it safe, don’t we live but once!




How many of us are living less than we deserve but not only that, living less than our potential and purpose. Maybe you don’t believe that the universe has a plan for you or that each of us has a unique gift to offer the world.

It is of little importance for this article whether you believe in the laws of the universe. What does matter however is whether you are happy or NOT!

If you are happy, i’m guessing that you will not even be reading this post and for those of us who have not perfected the art of life…. then read on. There will be insight, philosophy and well, consequences!



Are you playing russian roulette with your health or maybe you are right on track. It seems that the healthy individual is in the minority these days. Materialistically, we have never had so much……. technology, information and resources but are these just missing the focal point within us. Does, having all of this “stuff” make us healthier? It appears not.

There are many obvious reasons for poor health such as, poor diet and lifestyle choices, but what about those other areas of our lives that are un be known to many…..

STRESS and anxiety have become an epidemic in their own right and even more so, in this pandemic. There are stressors in the workplace, with finances, relationships……. 

Having prolonged stress like this causes cortisol to be released in to the system. This is great if there is real physical danger but for stress and anxiety this can be deadly. One off stress will do no harm to the body but consistent stress starts to impact the immune system, the brain, basically every major organ.

When the body reacts to a threat, it focuses all of its attention on being alert and ready to fight or flee, so the other organs and systems within the body are on auto pilot if you like, with only the basic running. This can cause infection as the immune system is essentially down and the same applies everywhere else in the body during this response.

The single most important task, is to address the root cause of this stress and manage it. There are many ways to eliminate stress and that’s by looking inwards, not outside of ourselves. 

This is important because it is only ourselves who either has a high tolerance or not. This is why some people seem to be laid back and never let life affect them but others seem to buckle under the pressure. 

The first step is to look at lifestyle and address and dietary issues, as this can affect mood significantly. Make sure there is enough water being consumed, fruit and veg and try to eliminate processed foods, junk foods , alcohol and sugar. All of these things will improve mindset and mood and this may be enough to eliminate stress or anxiety in some people.

For others, the root cause may go deeper and will take some figuring out. It’s a good idea to write a list of all the things that cause this stress and then find ways to ease the burden.




Money certainly does make the money go round but is too much emphasis put on to money! With the media displaying the lives of the super rich and famous and with easy access to this on social media, it seems our expectations maybe one of comparison to these unrealistic lifestyles.

Money, it seems is not the formula for happiness. Whilst having more, may reduce the financial pressures many of us face, it will not take away the underlying insecurities or unhappiness where it already exists.

This is why so many famous people battle with addiction. These people were already broken inside somewhere and seeking out fame and fortune was an external plaster, that eventually comes off. Nothing outside the self can heal the wounds within.

Job unfulfillment however is a different matter altogether. Many individuals are working in careers that they either despise, are unfulfilled in or that literally stress them out due to workload and pressure. The sad thing is that they continue to stay put due to fear.

It can be extremely overwhelming to leave a career, even if it is one that isn’t serving us in some way because we all like safety and security in the familiar.

What are the consequences though of ignoring these warning signs. Well, they can be anything from unhappiness within to causing early death, that’s how serious, living out of alignment with ourselves truly is. Long term stress and unhappiness will eventually spill in to every area of life. If we are deeply miserable at work then it will, eventually  show itself  poor health, relationship issues, stress, anxiety or depression.



Many people are stepping in to the online world to gain the time freedom and security, which has been lost due to the current economic climate. Millions have found themselves losing their brick and mortar businesses whilst others are either left unemployed or insecure in the future of that employment. By building an online business, there is a great deal of opportunity as people are purchasing online, more than ever before. Even when the world came to a stand still during the lockdown, the online space was the only constant.

One of the best online business platforms have literally everything you need to build a business from scratch, with no tech or business experience or huge investment as with traditional businesses. check out their free explainer workshops  ONLINE BUSINESS WORKSHOPS



There is a great book that can help put all this in to perspective. It’s about a woman, Bonnie Ware, who nursing the dying. She listened to all the regrets of hundreds of people and the most common regret were the things people HAD NOT DONE!


     There are many different areas of our lives and there have been many studies around finding balance in each area to gain happiness. So  this certainly is not something to be ignored because if we want to live life in joy and harmony, then it seems that our well-being is one to  be taking seriously, or the effects maybe too much to bare.  Go for that dream job, learn a new skill and it may just turn out better than you could even imagine



The most important aspect of living our best life, as i have stated throughout this article, is the importance of looking within when it comes to finding balance and happiness within our lives. This seems to be something that is at the very bottom of most peoples priority list.

I know myself, that taking time to do the inner work, just seems hard to fit in. We have so many roles to fulfill, such as spouse, employee, own boss, friend….that finding time to be with ourselves seems too much hassle .

All of the above roles cannot be fulfilled to their fullest if we are running on empty, burnt out or physically under par. This is really when we become the victim of our own lives instead of in the driving seat.

This is when the slightest stress tips us over the edge and it becomes a hamster wheel of pain. So by looking at each area of our lives… health, self, wealth and social and really examining any problem areas and making a plan to make changes, then the shift towards your “best life”, can be obtained.

It is really about becoming conscious of what is holding us back from our true desires. So many of us are just existing instead of grabbing life by the horns, taking risks and actually being an active participant in our own life.


The pyramid above shows the levels of needs, each and every one of us has. For most of us, we have the bottom two, which are food, shelter and all the basic human requirements. The next three…. love/belonging, self esteem/confidence and self actualization/being the best we can be.


Where do you we fit on this pyramid?…… maybe the physiological and safety needs are met and for some, these needs are not met and so their life’s concern is attending to these life saving needs. For those of us who have the basics, what balance do we have in the remaining three. 

To feel truly satisfied in our lives, there needs to be a good level of all . Unfortunately, many spend their entire lives searching but are unaware of what it takes to achieve this satisfaction. Will you assess your pyramid? i certainly am getting to work on mine!


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