How to know if you should change jobs

We have all experienced that awful boss or work colleague that makes us wish we could change jobs. This is about more than that, this is for those who are seriously considering taking that leap towards a completely new career.

Many, stay in a job that they don’t like and even worse, that they hate….. WHY! …….

………The education system doesn’t teach us to go after a career around what excites or fulfills us, so …. at a young age, we are meant to decide, what we want to do for the rest of our lives! I don’t know about you, but i’m a lot different now than in my teens. With little to no emphasis on our purpose or passion in life, we fall prey to stress, anxiety and a lacking emotionally, if we continue in a role that isn’t what we love to do.

So….. with all that being said, lets see if you are serious about changing your job or if you are just in a rut. The majority of people are too afraid to take that step into the unknown and would actually rather stay SAFE… than take the risk. Which is basically just trying to keep from feeling fear.



A good indicator for whether or not we are feeling the fuzzy feeling for our job, is learning. If we truly love what we are doing, we want to learn everything we can, to develop existing skills and become better and better. In this type of role, it doesn’t even feel like work.

The hours can literally disappear because time flies when we are having fun. It’s a cliche but an accurate one. So ask yourself…. can i get lost and consumed in my role and do i love what i’m doing, so much so that i learn all there is to know out of interest, not because i have to!

If you are not lit up by what you do, then thats a red flag! We spend more time in our careers than on anything else…. so shouldn’t we at least enjoy that time?



It may be the case that you already know that you need to change paths but fear is holding you back. It is a big decision and should be thought over carefully before taking action.

If the only reason that you are still in that role is because of being afraid to leave, then that’s another red flag. It has been said that people only regret what they did not do, not what they did do…. even if that went wrong somehow. Unfulfilled potential and lost opportunities are among the most regretted of those who are near death!

How can we overcome this fear. First, it needs to be put in to perspective…… and that is by eliminating all of the irrational fears and making a list of the pros and cons of staying put in that job.

It really then does come down to strength of character and whether we are willing to take action and go after those desires. If not, then there will be consequences.



There are many ways that living with fear and unfulfillment can affect our lives. We may not even realise that some of these afflictions are caused by our careers. 

One of the main causes of work related absence is stress and anxiety! People are overwhelmed by their role, lack of fulfillment or effected by their environment, that if unresolved. will start to show itself with poor self esteem, unhappiness, stress, anger , depression or anxiety. Over a period of time. this consistent state of unrest will eventually cause physical health symptoms also…. a major one being heart attacks.

With so much of our time being spent in the workplace, any disharmony will spill over into other areas of our lives. We cannot enjoy our relationships and free time to its fullest, if we are so negatively impacted by the effects of an unhappy working environment. The unease we feel during work time, doesn’t magically disappear after the day ends. Many find themselves unable to switch off and find themselves dreading the day ahead.

Is this the way we should be living our lives! All of this stacked up, seems a lot harder to live with, than taking a risk towards something better!



The increase in online purchasing has steadily been on the increase for the past decade. The inevitable shift towards business online has been accelerated by the recent economic crisis, which i think is a silver lining.

The sooner people accept and realise that the way we do business has evolved  and adapt to this change, the more people will see the opportunities and gain from the vast business online.

Businesses are collapsing left and right…… because now, more than ever before, people are spending online, instead of in stores…. that’s just a fact……. Take a look at the growth of amazon for example……



2019     $280,000

2018   $232,000

2017  $177,000

2016   $135,987


The abundance of opportunity on amazon alone is more than double in from 2016 to 2019!!!! Average people, just like you and I are making a living by selling products via amazon or affiliate marketing amazons products.

This means that there is endless opportunity here, with estimations for 2021 profits on amazon being over 400 billion!! There are no premises to pay for and run, no staff wages and no storage required, as all products purchased are sent directly from amazon. The only job… is the marketing and deciding on the right course of action that you are passionate about. That maybe selling physical products on amazon or being an affiliate.

There are other possibilities in the online world….. There is blogging in an area that you carry some expertise…. this can then lead to youtube channels or selling courses.



I began my journey online with affiliate marketing. I have built my own website and get to write about health, self and social topics which i love doing. Being able to provide value and help other people is what i get excited about.

My husband has recently started a gaming blog…… he plays these video games, so i encouraged him to start writing about it. He was never really interested in digital marketing in the beginning but now… we both have our own  online businesses and feel thankful that we discovered the online world.

A friend of mine has also taken her passion for art online. With social media, also having millions of users, she has her artwork displayed on there and other media platforms and websites. She is literally building a business around her passions, which i think amazing.



All jobs come with a certain amount of discomfort or challenging people and is the case in every job. So uprooting, just because you hate your boss, may not be the best reason to quit. For one thing, starting a new career will probably mean starting from the bottom, so be sure your reasons for leaving are more than the small stuff.

If however, you find yourself lying awake at night, wishing you could do something else, something meaningful or something you are passionate about, then maybe it’s time to TAKE ACTION FOR YOURSELF. 

There are several options, such as starting from scratch and working your way up…… going to college and retraining or going self employed with a brick and mortar business. All of these options, do require either a lot of time or a large investment!!

The next option, is an online business. Almost any business, can be done online, where…. face to face is not required. You can sell  courses, affiliate other companies products, e commerce/ selling your own products through amazon or shopify and there is also blogging and social media advertising. The options are endless and also have a long list of benefits….







PROS                                                                                                     CONS

# More time to spend at home with family                                         # Requires a persistent attitude

# Flexible work schedule                                                                         # Not a get rich quick option/if done right!

# Work anywhere with internet connection                                        # Requires learning new skills

# Build business you are passionate about

# No tech skills or business experience required

# Income potential limitless

# Time for leisure

# No premises



There are hundreds of online business educational tutorials online, that will get you so far. If you are serious about making online business a profitable career, then you will require marketing skills.

There is only one online business platform i can recommend and one that i have personal experience with. This platform is how i started my own online business. So what do they offer……


                      # module training.. step by step                                             # live in person events world wide

                     # website building                                                                        # community social media

                     # domain setup                                                                              # marketing techniques

                    # tech support 24/7                                                                      # Taught by proven entrepreneurs

                   # Live webinar video

Ready to take action? I have left you the link below for three online business workshops. Find out what is involved and how you can gain the skills and resources with this online training community. 




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