Do you know you have the power to eliminate stress and anxiety

Are you living your best life!

Does the life you have right now fill you with excitement, happiness and fulfillment? Are you doing those things in life that are fun, exciting and in line with your passions? For the majority, the answer is no to these questions. Why are we living anything less that abundantly happy!


The number of people experiencing stress, depression and anxiety has obviously risen due to the virus. People are experiencing new challenges that are leaving them feeling out of control. 

This is not only an effect of covid 19, as the number of work related absence had been rising, even before the crisis! The pressure and work demand, busyness, technology and more, all having an impact over our wealth, health and self… globally.



The majority of society ,when they come across difficulty in their lives will look outside of themselves, to find the answer and to self medicate those feelings away.

This is usually done through alcohol, food, shopping and many other external sources. What this does is provide only temporary relief. The root cause of the inner conflict goes untouched, so therefore stays put and will rear its head, again and again.

Those who seem to walk through life untouched are those who focus on their inner world, face it and deal with it head on. Not only that but the way they conduct their lives will also be attuned to their inner world.

The process of thought is basically the recipe for peace or disharmony… its that simple and many have written books on the subject of the mind and thoughts such as…. Eckhart Tolle. The power of now. A really amazing book with how to live a happier, healthier and more mindfully by being in the present moment.

Being mindful is the ideal state for the human mind because it keeps away from thinking about the past or worrying about the future…. which is where most of us spend our time, with the direct consequence of that being…. anxiety, worry, unfulfilled, preoccupied ……!




The world has more “stuff” available to us that ever before and we seem to be aspiring to have the latest this or that. This materialistic mentality only takes us further away from our true selves.

Getting the dream car or home, does not make us happy, it can give a false sense of the feeling but only for a very short time. Then we are looking for the next “thing” and the next. 

The media marketing has a huge impact over this and unless we are aware of what you are taking in and listening to, we can be influenced to want the life of a six figure income with all the “stuff”….. !

Where is the focus on the inner “stuff”….. such as managing ourselves despite the external circumstances. If we attuned to and were conscious of what we are thinking and becoming resilient ,absolutely nothing can touch you.



Maybe all this sounds a little strange, especially if you are not familiar with the inner workings of the mind. If you are willing to be open minded then you can really benefit in all areas of your life.

If you are stressed out, this will seep into every area of your life, not just the area of the source of stress. It can affect your health …. with headaches or poor sleep and your relationships…… so what can we do.

There are many techniques and practices that individuals use to keep themselves in a conscious and serene state. First, is to educate ourselves on the inner self…… our true inner self is not wanting material things… that comes from the ego. The true self we can find, when the mind is understood. That our thoughts are not who we are but merely our conditioning that led to our beliefs about ourselves and the world. 

Understanding how our thoughts work can make us better able to recognise them for what they are and not getting drawn in to them.. for example…. if you are thinking about having no money and worrying about the future…. this will bring about stress and anxiety. By noticing these thoughts you can simply move away from the thoughts and introduce a positive one in its place. It takes practice but is much easier than dealing with the effects of an unconscious, thought gripped mind.


Meditation and mindfulness are as ancient as time and has been practised for years in the likes of India and Japan. It is more widely practised in the west but the true magic of meditation is not mainstream YET!

The benefits include better self esteem, focus, concentration and lowers stress and anxiety. Now that’s a pretty impressive list. All that it requires is ten to twenty minutes a day and see how you feel after nine weeks. I promise you, the effects are delicious!


The bottom line is that how we feel, is completely in our hands. We are not taught in the education system , how to manage our inner world. There is no emphasis on the mind, self esteem or fulfillment, so how are we meant to manage challenging experiences. We look outside for an answer, either from material things, substances or to another person or community to take it away.

The secret to inner peace is to get to know who we are. That starts with the thoughts we are thinking. If they are damaging then we have the capacity to go within through meditation and be aware of the thoughts when they are happening and put another positive thought in its place.

Try it out and let me know your experience.

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