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There are no formal rules to what you should wear in yoga. The most important aspect, is to feel comfortable and be able to move and bend easily. So, non restrictive clothing is a must.

Now, if you are anything like me, you like…… really lovely things. Not necessarily high end or offensively expensive, but quality material that also looks a little snazzy. It’s always a boost to feel nice and I have just started a collection of yoga and Qi Gong outfits.

I researched some of the most eye catching designs with some added features. What’s great about this collection, is they can be worn for exercise, going out or lounging at home. Be sure not to do all at the same time…. maybe a bit pongy!


IUGA Yoga Pants with Pockets , Tummy Control, Workout Running Leggings with Pockets for Women




I absolutely love these leggings because they do more than just look good.  You can wear these for the school run , shopping and running errands.
They are also perfect for the yoga enthusiast , running, the gym…. whatever your workout of choice is.   
 Cross between fashion and high function.   Ultra stretch fit and air breathability.  Non see through.      Side pocket for mobile phone.     Gusset crotch for maximum movement.  High rise waistband for stomach control .    Catered for everyday wear to the active enthusiast



FLYILY Women’s Long Yoga Pants Sports Leggings Running Tights High Waist Stretch Fitness Trousers


The pattern on these leggings, really bring out the true spirit of what yoga is all about. They are all things nature, which is what all yoga enthusiasts are connecting with in their practice of the beautiful art
impressive pattern options from this brand, with twenty different options to choose from.
Perfect for yoga with their lightweight and stretchy material.
Easy to clean and keep the same shape after multiple washes
reasonable priced

Urban Classics Women’s Camouflage Tech Leggings Comfortable Sport Pants, Stretchy Workout Trousers with Military Print and Mesh Inserts, Regular Skinny Fit


A real fashionista pair of leggings with black mesh panels. They could even be worn with heels and a light green military jacket. Really cool and great for every age, if you have the fun and style factor going on.
Non slip material and great for all round exercising, from weights, running and yoga.
Elasticated waistband
Very cosy and comfortable, so great for exercise and lounging around
Mesh black panels for style and breathability.


Sugar Pocket Women’s Outdoor Capris Fitness Tights Leggings Walking Running Yoga Pants

Nice and bright, bold colours with the capris leg. Can be nice to feel the air on part of the leg we are working up a sweat.
Hidden waistband pocket for keys or phone
Will pull down to ankle fit
colour will not fade in the wash
Compression fit due to high spandex fabric
Can be used for dance, yoga, gym, jogging and more



FITTOO Women Mesh Patchwork Fitness Yoga Pants Running Gym Workout Leggings


This is my next purchase. They look plain but in real life, they look really stylish. The mesh panels really make these a standout. Great for daily and yoga wear
Power stretch fabric
breathable material
Moisture wicking and easy to wear
side open pocket

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