A bit about me

Hello, I'm Natalie

I live in the UK between chester and Liverpool, with my husband Craig, our two little ones... Olivia 8 Luke 5 , german shepherd pup Lola and cat Meg.

A year ago, I was battling a 20 year eating disorder and had always escaped my inner world through self sabotaging behaviours. Experiencing depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia and mild social anxiety, lets just say my life was rapidly passing me by.

I was in a relapse of anorexia nervosa between 2017 -2020 and being in my early 40's, my body was beginning to struggle with so many years of battering.

It wasn't until i came across an entrepreneurial community, that my mindset really began to shift. The way successful entrepreneurs live their daily lives were just so much different and i found it really interesting. They were doing things like meditation, yoga and silence practices, which enabled them to keep up with their demanding lives.

I have to say, I was completely blown away by the effects of these practices. After several months of doing mindfulness and yoga.... my mindset and the way i thought about myself and the world around me was so much altered, that i entered in to full recovery and still am a year later.

I have learnt a great deal also about today's business and how much it has evolved in to the digital era. With businesses collapsing due to the economic crisis, I know that in order to survive, i needed to gain the digital skills, so i'm not left behind.

So I have used my new found knowledge to share with you, so that you too, can overcome your challenges and start to live your best life possible.