A bit about me

Hello, I'm Natalie

I live in the UK between chester and Liverpool, with my husband Craig, our two little ones... Olivia 8 Luke 5 and the kitty cat Meg.

A year ago, I was battling a 20 year eating disorder and was in a, less than fulfilling role as a self employed cleaner. Id been searching for options online but they were all pretty naff. 

I also knew that if i didn't change my circumstances, then my future would be more of the same. 

I was doing some work on myself and came across a legitimate digital skills community and platform. This was the catalyst for a huge turn around in my life.

Not only have i overcome the fear of all the tech and business experience i thought you'd need to start an online business. I actually built my own website from scratch.

The mindset work incorporated within this digital skills community has also enabled me to recover from a disorder that stole many years of my life.

Am now part of a community of like minded people and have met many of them in London last year, for the elite two day conference.

Anyone can become a digital entrepreneur... with the right skills, support and mindset.



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