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There is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding financial security. Thousands of businesses are being forced to shut up shop and this is creating, not just financial disturbance but a potential mental health crisis.

It really is about survival of the fittest to see who will be able to take advantage of this crisis and who will fall by the waste side. This may seem a harsh statement but there is every reason to gain, as so many others have in other recessions. 

There is also a need, in business, to accept that the world has evolved, this was already well on the way, it’s just been accelerated due to current events. When forced to stay home during lock down, many businesses discovered just how beneficial the online space was. It is the same for individuals too.

So how can you leverage the online world and create opportunity that is sustainable , no matter what the economy is doing….




I’m a big believer in the power of the mind. What we think about most, we create in physical reality, so I am extremely careful about what i keep my attention on.  I also believe that this crisis has been brought about by many years of THOUGHT …….. a vast amount of the world have been putting out hatred, greed, disappointment, anger and thoughts of lack………

The universe has delivered to us exactly what we as humans, were putting out in the form of negative energy and unless we drastically change the way we communicate, think and act towards each other, after this crisis……..will be the next….. then the next!!!



If you are finding yourself feeling anxious and overwhelmed by your life right now, there are plenty of ways to take control back and get about the business of creating with intent. 

Anxiety and stress are usually caused by something unresolved in our lives. The best way to resolve this fear and anxiety around covid and job insecurity, is to tackle the issues head on, not staying paralyzed by fear or staying a victim to circumstance.

Mental health can be eased ourselves also, which is great news, as the mental health services are not operating to their fullest at present. There are techniques such as…..

                                 MEDITATION                                               YOGA                                                  ONLINE SUPPORT GROUPS

                                MINDFULNESS                                          GRATITUDE PRACTICE                

                                QI GONG                                                       BEING IN NATURE                          

                               DRINKING ENOUGH WATER                    HEALTHY DIET



The opportunity online has never been greater , with people now preferring to shop through the internet. With brick and mortar businesses collapsing, they have discovered that in order to survive, they need to adapt fast.

Others have also brought there passions and hobbies online by showcasing their work on websites  amazon AND OTHER PLATFORMS. Artists, photographers, musicians and even gardeners are using their talents to create a business. Whats is your thing? ….

Maybe you like social media… these are all platforms that people are leveraging to grow their business. They are using social media, instead of being used by it!

Fear holds many back from making a change but the alternative to staying stuck, is more people will continue to crumble in times like these. Getting the skills required to keep up with the times, is what many thousands are currently doing.

To really grow online, it is best to avoid, get rich quick schemes and people promising millions in just one course! The legitimate opportunities, will never promise you anything because it is dishonest and out of integrity.

A platform that offers support, education and a longer term offering, is what separates them from the rest of the noise online. As with any business, it requires some investment and work but most importantly, the right….. persistent attitude. Being willing to put the work in, learn and develop is the key to success, along with a positive mindset.

This is one of the BEST ONLINE BUSINESS PLATFORMS for anyone who is serious about changing their life. They have 900,ooo subscribers and the co founder is very well know as a top entrepreneur in the us. 

They have a fantastic offer at the moment… three, free online workshops that break down the online world and how to become a digital entrepreneur….. ! But will you grab the opportunity!!






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