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I Come from a background of sales and marketing and this career lasted for around ten years. From my own experience, I can share with you just how “damaging” working in that environment was for my health and emotional well-being. The office environment, high levels of pressure to perform and go “above and beyond”, the tiredness, boredom and the long monotonous shift patterns, including some weekends. I mean the list goes on and on. This may not affect everyone the same way but for myself, I just felt imprisoned and stuck, which eventually led to depression. So what exactly are your options if you are experiencing career blues….!

Author ~ entrepreneur

Natalie Woodcock             



“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today ”

~ Steve Jobs




This is a growing space within the internet and one that will soon be, a more widely recognised profession. It is a process of advertising products or services and receiving a commision on products sold or visitors to the particular company. The efforts of the individuals marketing will determine the ability to earn moderate to life changing commissions. This is a great way of working around your own personal interests. If you are passionate about camping for example, you can advertise camping equipment … and when a purchase is made, after they click your advert, then you receive the commissions. This is exactly the area that I am building within my own online business, due to the vast services and products out there. Billions are spent each year and with customers opting to purchase online due the the current economic climate, there is opportunity now more than ever. When the world came to a standstill, everyone went online! Its a digital world and has been for a while .

 Some of the top affiliate companies include Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay, shopify and many more. Approximately 10% of amazon’s sales  come from affiliate marketers and a whopping $5 billion in revenue was generated last year in the US by affiliate marketers. There is huge potential to make extra money and even replace your income but, it requires putting the work in! All these, “get rich quick” schemes, promising you their formula to earn $40,000 within 90 days, is not the route to go! Marketing requires, learning the platforms to promote on, such as social media, pinterest or Instagram but also website knowledge and content writing. Any business takes work and education, affiliate marketing is no different. What you put in, in terms of mastering your craft, the more you will gain and those can be plenty!

Pat Flynn is one of the top entrepreneurs online but it wasn’t always that way. During the 2008 recession, Flynn lost his job within and began building a website to help him pass an exam in the architecture industry.Forbes describes how Flynn went on to gain thousands of visitors a day to his site, as his content was of huge value…. unintentionally! His advice to anyone building an online business, is to provide value first and foremost and the money is a byproduct of that value.




This platform is one of the biggest out there, with millions of videos on any topic you could possibly imagine. During my education on the entrepreneurial journey, youtube has been my saving grace and without that source of quick knowledge by other tech experts, my computer would have been in real physical danger. 

So how you you turn your videos ( choosing a topic of passion or expertise ) in to cash. Youtube have their own ad network or there is the sponsorship route, once you build a big enough following . 

Some of the most ranked on youtube are newcomers and entertain their audience with funny stunts, children unwrapping toys. The highest earner is gamer Daniel Middleton who holds a mindblowing 17 million followers on his channel. Daniel is a perfect example of turning a passion in to a business! Doing what Daniel loves has brought him fortune and he creates an environment that offers huge value and entertainment for his followers. 

Making videos requires some education and tech but all can be learnt, it takes practice and persistence to succeed but with the right mindset, anything is possible!





If you are an expert in a field, you can potentially find people willing to pay for your expertise. We now live in an information era, with millions being spent on coaches, consultants, web designers, dieting plans, to name a few. Look at google for instance, I know if i have a query, online is the first place I go to! 

Maybe you are super passionate about health and fitness and live that lifestyle yourself. This market earns in the billions each year for a range of information, recipes , diet plans and more, this is just one area that people will pay for. Everyone who is interested in their particular area, will seek out courses or products online. 

Again, this can be extremely rewarding because you are spending time writing about something that you have a personal connection to. Online courses are extremely popular and continue to grow. It will take, learning some new skills and putting in the work but when you are doing something that creates excitement within you, then the work is more fulfilling which will make success more likely.


There are many ways to leverage the online space but if you want to be one of the ones who are successful, researching other people who have succeeded online can be valuable knowledge. In the early days I was taken in by these get rich quick ideas but for all the crap online, there are legitimate educational platforms ,that do offer genuine resources and systems. Below are some resources for you to look at and start you on the right path to becoming a digital entrepreneur. The days of brick and mortar businesses are becoming extinct and the sooner we can adapt and flourish in this digital world, the less people will be suffering financially and emotionally.



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